Saturday, January 17, 2009

And the auto saga continues!

Why aren't complaints against auto drivers taken seriously? They literally take us for a ride and also have the audacity to try and abuse us verbally. Well, I don't know how I can make a difference by blogging/ writing about it, but I do hope that this message reaches out to the masses and hopefully there will be some solution to this ever persistent pestilence!
Complaint cells are utterly useless, and speaking to the traffic police is almost always as bad as speaking to the auto drivers! I am so frustrated I am contemplating on moving abroad! Maybe that would be a good move. If I get cheated there, at least I can blame the country and their prejudice against Indians! Over here there is nothing I can lay the blame on!
I don't know what will lay a stop on this extortion in broad day-light. As I came to work today and faced yet another jack-a** auto driver, I also saw two traffic policemen on Cubbon Road taking money from a lone auto driver who was perhaps handing over the money he would have used to buy his lunch.
The systems is alive with scavengers for other's money, from the top through the bottom.
I am wishing for a Bruce Wayne! 'Coz I don't see any way out of these murky waters!!

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