Thursday, January 15, 2009

Change is good!

I had mentioned in my earlier blog that this year would be a life-style changing year for me. Looks like the process has started already! Having high blood sugar has pushed me towards a healthier life-style and I am thankful for that.

I have discovered millet (popularly known as ragi here in South India) and it is an awesome substitute for rice. It has lesser carbs than rice and is easier to cook. It’s tasty and nutritious and keeps the tummy light. It is a good way to increase vegetable consumption mostly because you need to eat a lot of curry along with it. I just love it!

I had initially thought that the sudden change from rice to millet would be too extreme and that I would end up craving for rice and jeopardizing the diet I had planned. But surprisingly, that has not happened at all. Maybe it’s because millet is quite tasty and it makes my body feel good and light! I have also not been craving for meat anymore which is a very good sign. I don’t remember having eaten a single meal without red meat from the time I can remember!!! I know it sounds crazy but I was total non-vegetarian. And then blood sugar happened! But it’s not that bad really. I am not craving for anything non-veg or anything sweet. I guess this is because I decided that I am not giving up anything but consuming everything in lesser amounts. And now I don’t crave for food of any kind. The only thing I crave for these days is water!

I have started drinking at least 4 litres (a gallon) of water everyday. It’s absolutely refreshing and is making me feel really good about it. Of course I am running to the loo every 15 minutes. But its long term benefits are keeping me going. This is something I want to pursue lifelong. Water, after all, is not called a life-saver without valid reasons!

I know it’s tough to start off with it. I remember having tried it earlier and failing all the time mostly because drinking water more than the usual amount used to give me headaches and a vomiting tendency. But that happens only on the first day. This time I tried a little harder and continued and now I just can’t live without sipping water every 10-20 minutes! And this, from a person who used to drink water only at mealtimes and sometimes even skip that for colas and other sweetened, carbonated drinks!

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Being a diabetic, it is important for me to keep myself physically active. I knew this would be tough for me and it is proving tough, trust me! I have never exercised before ever, not even walks, and I never was the sports-loving type. But it’s not an impossible thing to achieve, really. I have realized that myself. True, I have to drag myself out of bed and repeat over and over to myself that unless I lose weight I’ll be dead (which is not necessarily true!). But it’s worth the effort. The feeling of freshness and activeness that remains with me the whole day through after a walk in the fresh morning air is really wonderful. I feel sorry for having deprived myself of this pleasure for so long!

So that’s how my life-style is getting changed. My brother said last night that we have at last started eating healthy! I am glad that the change has finally happened! I am hoping by the end of six months I will have reduced my blood sugar level to half and hopefully, also a few of the many extra pounds that I have gained over the years.

So world, here I come!!


  1. that explains the pet bottle you're seen hugging close to your monte carlos girl :) ... don't worry da, the rate at which babu makes us run from pillar to post for his 'supposed' briefing sessions, it should be a good substitute for a helthy exercise regimen...

  2. i meant 'healthy'... gawd, my keyboard's sloshed :)

  3. gosh... i wish i cud stick to my decisions like u... =)

    gud luk wid everythin... :)

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